iPhone Black Glitter Case

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Strong Emoji for iPhone 11 Case 6ft Drop Tested

No Joke! This case has raised bumpers which protects your iPhone from atleast 6ft of drops.

Sparkling Front and Back iPhone 11 Black Glitter Case | Femrico Cases

Sparkle Emoji for iPhone Glitter Case Sparkling Glitter

Comes with Shinny Black Glitter which is leak proof, sealed tightly in the middle. You don’t have to worry about smudges.

Wireless Charging iPhone 11 Black Glitter Case | Femrico Cases

Wireless Charging Emoji for Black Glitter Case Wireless Charging?

All cases support Wireless Charging and Reverse Wireless Charging.

A dual-layer hard bumper case that is exclusively designed for your iPhone. With a soft shock-absorbing outer shell, your phone will always be protected from scratches, dust, and drops. The sparkly glitter comes sealed in the middle and won’t be leaked or get smudged. Along with the precise cutouts and raised edges, this makes the case both beautiful and very protective.

Color: Black Glitter Case
Weight: 2-3 ounces
Models: iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7/8, iPhone X/XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro
Special Features: Heavy Duty Protection, Wireless Charging, Bumpers

Customer Reviews

  1. Alberty Verified Buyer

    I love my glitter case

  2. Kristy Verified Buyer

    Satisfied with the service! The case arrvied on time. The protective case and sleek design are beyond compare!

  3. Faust Jr. Verified Buyer

    I love my case so much

  4. P. Claude Verified Buyer

    Love this case and so beautiful!

  5. simon3 Verified Buyer

    Satisfied with the quality but it arrvied late

  6. D. Angie Verified Buyer

    This case is super protective and super cute. I bought this for my sisters birthday and she loves it!

  7. Sophie Hunt Verified Buyer

    This case arrived today! I love it

  8. Ann Verified Buyer

  9. Miliana Verified Buyer

    The case was shipped very late

  10. Cleva22 Verified Buyer

    this case is great, I even dropped my phone and it protected it very well!

  11. M. Marvin Verified Buyer

    Great quality, perfect gift.

  12. Zlata S. Verified Buyer

    Very protective case and it’s so pretty too!!

  13. Sharlene P. Verified Buyer

    Love it!

  14. Nicoletta Verified Buyer

    The phone case itself is such pretty and I honestly can’t believe how strong it is!

  15. David19 Verified Buyer

    I gave this case to my friend for bday gift. She really liked it

  16. Alessa D. Verified Buyer

    It keeps my daughter entertained! It’s really cute too! Durable when fall

  17. Jamia Verified Buyer

    I love this case, it’s fun to play with the glitter

  18. Hall A. Verified Buyer

    This case is so cute! My sister wanted to steal mines

  19. Jesus H. Verified Buyer

    This is case is awesome! I bought it for my girlfriend and she loved it.

  20. Jul Verified Buyer

    Best phone case ever!

  21. Elferda10 Verified Buyer

    I’d been wanting this case for so long, it finally arrived. Love it!

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